Over 30k questions have been answered by Mavis in the last week!

Mavis revolutionizes the workflow for data teams, liberating them from repetitive inquiries and frequent slack messages.

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Read Customer Stories

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We have designed Mavis to have all the needed UIs for your company to make the most of your data

Stacey Hronowski CEO of Canix
“ Mavis is the difference between having to fish for your team every day, and giving them a fishing rod. I can’t imagine handling our data needs without Mavis. “

Unlock the power of Events!

Use the Powerful building blocks interface

Define events from any data source

Trust the Single Source of Truth

Start with a single event source in minutes

Data is nothing without safety and security

Endless ways to leverage your data

It's your data, so do as you like.

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Read Customer Stories
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